Mouflon Ram

Mouflon Ram Hunting

Mouflon sheep were from Sardinia and Corsica. Mouflon have a red-brown short-haired coat with a dark back-stripe, light colored saddle patch.   The males weigh 90 to 120lbs & female weigh around 80lbs.  Mouflon mate, or go through a rut, in late fall to early winter. The hunting method commonly used on a mouflon ram hunt is spot and stalk or safari style.  Depending on weather and habitat conditions at the time of your hunt, you may be hunting from a blind and feeder.  The best time to hunt Mouflon is during the winter. 

You will need a hunting license. Non-resident hunters can purchase a 5 day special hunting license. 

Mouflon Ram Package

  • 1- Mouflon Ram
  • Hogs
  • 3 Consecutive Days of Hunting
  • 3 Nights Lodging at the Hunting Camp
  • Cost: $3500   Deposit: $1,600

Remainder due upon ram harvest

Mouflon Ram Package Includes

  • Field Dressing and Quartering
  • Semi-Guided
  • Walk-in Cooler
  • Shooting range
  • Access to the Ranch’s 4,500 foot Paved Runway
  • Additional Non-Hunting Guests ($150 a day)
  • Lodging at the Hunting Camp
  • Gratuity is not included

Upgrade your lodging experience by staying at “Hill Country Getaway” for an additional $400 per night.

Personal checks or credit card are accepted.  3% convenience will be applied with a credit card.  Deposits are due to secure your hunting dates and are non-refundable. Make checks payable to: Kana Ranch Company L.L.C.

Your guide will determine whether the animal was hit or missed. A full applicable fee is required on hit and wounded animals not recovered.

Call for reservation (830) 329-5171