Physical Ranch Address:

West Kerr Ranch
24430 Hwy 83
Mountain Home, TX 78058

Ranch Directions:

Directions from Kerrville - Take I-10 West. Approximately 18 miles past Kerrville, take the Hwy 41/Mountain Home exit. Turn left under I-10 on Hwy 41 and continue on approximately 24 miles to the intersection of Hwy 41 and 83. Turn right at Garven's Store on Hwy 83 North. Our gate is 6.2 miles on the right hand side. Look for a big black iron gate with a white "K" in the middle.

Ranch Airstrip - The West Kerr has a paved 4,500 foot airstrip with hangar for your flying convenience. The aeronautical location is 164 degrees radial, 28 nautical miles from Junction, TX, VOR (JCT) 116.0.


Call for reservation (830) 329-5171